Hydraulic & Agitation Parts

Standard Features

  • Able Manufacturing designs its units to use low RPM and High Torque to agitate the sealer in its units. Below are the parts you will need to convert or upgrade your unit.
Hydraulic Parts
29-thumb Hydraulic Motor
30-thumb Hydraulic Gear Pump 2 Bolt
Hydraulic Gear Pump 4 Bolt
32-thumb Hydraulic Valve
33-thumb Hydraulic Valve – variable speed
Hydraulic hose, sold per foot
35-thumb Hydraulic Pump casting
36-thumb Hydraulic Reservoir, 5 Gallon
Agitation Parts
37-thumb Bearing Blocks 3/4″
37-thumb Bearing Blocks 1″
39-thumb Bearing Blocks 1.5″
39-thumb Bearing Blocks 2″
Rubber bearing block seal kit 1.5″
Rubber bearing block seal kit 2″
Heavy Duty Chain 50 or 60 pitch, sold per foot
46-thumb Love Joy Coupler, pump end
46-thumb Love Joy Coupler, Sock
46-thumb Love Joy Coupler, Motor End
49-thumb Agitator Drive Sprocket
Hydraulic Motor Drive Sprocket